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Our clients may face with disputes as a nature of trade. In order  to determine the dispute resolution method, we examine the case in detail and we use our skills with the awareness of the fact that every legal matter is unique. In principle, if a dispute arises in commercial relationship, we intend to implement the dispute resolution method that is appropriate to the essence of the case. We are also aware of the importance of arbitration in this respect.

Our founder Atty. Arb. Gül Ruscuklu, LL.M is an experienced counsel for arbitration proceedings. She was the ICC YAF Representative for Turkey and continued her duty until March, 2017. She is the pioneer of the “Young ISTAC Future Arbitration Counsel Competition” idea and one of the founders of Young ISTAC platform. She organised and spoke at numerous worldwide conferences about international arbitration, institutional arbitration and mediation. Supporting development of arbitration and mediation in Turkey has been her natural volunteer activity, specifically between the years 2012  and 2018. Currently she continues her support to the arbitration and mediation community in various platforms.


Ruscuklu represents its clients in both domestic and international arbitration for institutional arbitration and Ad Hoc proceedings.

If you have further questions about our domestic and international arbitration services please contact us directly or book online.

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