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As the world moves into the age of communication and integrity, law also must evolve in this direction. We believe that when the elements of many disputes are analyzed, it is possible to resolve the disputes without litigation or arbitration. Therefore, we continue our mediation activities by believing in the power of positive communication and negotiation. 

One of the basic principles of mediation is that it is based on volunteerism. In Turkey, it has been deemed necessary to apply to mediation in certain areas and has been determined as a condition of litigation. Founder of Ruscuklu Law and Mediation Office, Atty. Arb. Gül Ruscuklu continues her mandatory mediation service in commercial disputes and disputes arising from labor law. In addition, optional mediation service is also provided in our office and it is aimed to contribute to the resolution of disputes without resorting to trial.

If you have further questions about our mediation services please contact us directly or book online.

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