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As Ruscuklu Law and Mediation Office, we believe in the importance of management of our client's international disputes. We are of the opinion that accurate communication changes the course of cases, especially in disputes with elements of foreignness. We believe that when the relationship between the client and the lawyer is managed with open, simple and honest communication, the harmony between the client and the lawyer increases and the dispute management becomes easier. For this reason, we first examine in detail the lawsuits and/or projects of foreign clients who will carry out their cases and/or projects in Turkey. 


Likewise, we handle the disputes and/or projects of our clients abroad with our colleagues in our business environment, which we have established with disciplined work for many years. We provide our litigation management consultancy service mainly under the following titles:

1. To carry out litigation and/or projects abroad with our colleagues with whom we cooperate in that region.

2. To carry out the disputes and projects of our foreign clients within the borders of the Republic of Turkey.

If you have further questions about our international dispute management consultancy please contact us directly or book online.

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