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Family Law


The family is the most important building block of society. We are of the opinion that the files related to Family Law should be examined with the utmost care and professional awareness. We provide services by showing this sensitivity in matters related to family law and by seeking expert opinions when necessary.


In our office, legal consultancy and advocacy services are provided mainly on engagement, matrimonial property, divorce, paternity, adoption, custody, child support right, family residence, alimony, trusteeship and guardianship.


Ruscuklu provides consultancy in the following cases in the field of Family Law:


• Uncontested Divorce Case

• Contested Divorce Case

• Lawsuits for Damages

• Alimony Cases

• Cases for Liquidation of Matrimonial Property

• Custody Cases

• Cases of Denial of Paternity and Lineage

• Adoption Lawsuits

If you have further questions about our family law consultancy services please contact us directly or book online.

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